Blockchain gaming distribution platform Ultra to bring EOS to the gaming market

Ultra, the company building a first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly, has announced a partnership with Brazilian-based block producer EOS Rio to develop a blockchain that focuses on expanding EOS to the gaming market by creating a fair ecosystem for games distribution.

EOS Rio, currently one of the 21 active block producers on the EOS Mainnet, will work with Ultra on blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts development for an EOSIO-based blockchain to tokenize licenses, items, experiences and more, allowing for a fairer user-centered marketplace for gamers, developers, and other stakeholders.

This partnership marks the first time EOS Rio has teamed up with a blockchain-based game publishing platform such as Ultra.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Igor Lins e Silva, Head of Technology at EOS Rio ” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Ultra will differ from EOS Mainnet in resource allocation and governance in order to accommodate the needs of gamers and developers around the world. The two blockchains will interconnect with atomic swaps, which is a cryptographically-powered smart contract technology allowing two parties to exchange tokens in a trustless manner and eliminating the risk of either party defaulting. We are committed to supporting initiatives that allow EOS to reach its full potential. Maintaining a robust, scalable, and secure EOS Mainnet is of utmost importance to us and allows us to fulfill our mission of making EOS the most adopted decentralized application platform in the world. By partnering with a company like Ultra, who is revolutionizing the gaming industry and making the development of a new breakthrough game distribution platform possible, we are at the forefront of achieving this.”[/perfectpullquote]

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Michael Dunn, CTO of Ultra” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Our protocol is based on the EOS blockchain, which currently supports 4,000 transactions per second, with this number expected to rise to 100,000 transactions per second in Q1 2019. With little to no transaction costs, high performance, and low latency, EOSIO is highly optimized for Ultra’s business model. Working with the EOS Rio team will allow us to take advantage of the best parts of EOSIO. It is essential for Ultra to remain interoperable within the EOS Mainnet and stay current amid all the improvements that are constantly occurring for EOSIO, and more broadly within the blockchain space.”[/perfectpullquote]

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra,” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Ultra is developing a sister chain that focuses on expanding EOS to the gaming market by creating a fair ecosystem for games distribution. We are bringing EOS to a US$138 billion market with a platform that explores the features of blockchain technology to disrupt established markets, creating a user experience unmatchable by centralized solutions.”[/perfectpullquote]

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