KoreConX to integrate Evoke Capital into KorePartners token sale ecosystem

KoreConX, a permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant tokenized securities has announced Evoke Capital will now be integrated into the company’s KorePartners ecosystem.

Evoke Capital operates through a regulated broker-dealer in Canada and includes an international team of seasoned professionals and network partners representing all disciplines necessary to support a token sale. Evoke Capital is an online platform with broker-dealers in different jurisdictions to help companies raise capital and will be exclusively using the KoreConX security token protocol, “KoreToken”.

In order to provide their clients with the most secure path towards a security token offering, Evoke Capital is supporting the KoreToken Protocol as a way for companies to raise capital.

“It is a privilege to have Natalie Ochrym and her team at Evoke as our KorePartners. Evoke as an online platform is helping companies raise capital in a compliant manner, which is necessary to bring trust to a sector that has gone on with no checks and balance.”

Oscar Jofre, CEO and Founder at KoreConX

Evoke Capital will become part of the KorePartner ecosystem, a group of selected companies that support the KoreConX security token protocol and adhere to our strict governance standards. KoreConX’s KorePartners are from around the globe and bring the necessary expertise that a company will need to launch a fully compliant security token in multiple jurisdictions.

“Partnering with KoreConX was an easy decision. We needed a fully compliant security token protocol to provide our clients with the best environment to launch their security tokens. Using KoreConX protocol enables a new way to manage securities in a seamless, efficient manner for their full lifecycle.”

Natalie Ochrym, co-founder and CEO at Evoke Capital

To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship.

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