CoinList token sales now free for investors

CoinList, a platform for running compliant token sales to help crypto projects raise capital, announced today they will be making all token sales on the CoinList website 100% free for investors.

Now, when participants invest in deals found on CoinList, they can know that all of the capital being committed will go straight to the token projects being backed, with 0% fees for advisory services.

The change is effective as of today, and investors who participated in previously-offered CoinList Capital deals will have the same treatment applied to them.

This means if invested in the TrustToken or Origin offerings through CoinList Capital, the team will continue to advise on their progress, but won’t advise on future issuances, and will refund all fees paid to CoinList Capital to date.

“We’re excited to share this news with you and move towards what we see as a more sustainable and economically-aligned model, where we are solely focused on providing the best possible tech-enabled services to leading crypto projects around the world. While we expect that the business models which can push the space forward will evolve over time, we see this as an important step for us and a way to set an example for this nascent industry.”
– The CoinList Team

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