Agora Trade launches new non-custodial, cross-chain crypto exchange

Trinkler Software AG, a blockchain development company founded by Reto Trinkler, this week launched Agora Trade, a community-owned crypto-to-crypto exchange that will offer non-custodial, cross-blockchain cryptocurrency trading with free off-chain make order generation.

One of the exchange’s primary goals is to build something that is simple to use. For this purpose, a unique cross-chain custodian solution has been developed that makes it simple for users to store cryptocurrencies of different blockchains all in one image file. This custodian solution, called imagewallet, will be natively integrated into Agora Trade.

Combined with free ‘make’ orders, projects will have many of the tools necessary to build a strong pool of liquidity around their community. For this and to remove any trust required, Agora Trade will be open-sourced and deployed to IPFS.

Agora Trade looks to provide a new type of exchange that puts a series of powerful tools into the hands of blockchain projects for building liquidity and ultimately a healthy ecosystem around their digital assets. Cross chain, non-custodial trading will allow projects to explore trading relationships that don’t require intermediate steps.

With its home in Crypto Valletta in Malta, the exchange hopes to distinguish itself by being fully licensed and compliant while being owned by its users.

The Agora Trade custodian solution can be found at and

The Agora Trade technical paper can be found at

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