Blockchain data protocol Airbloc joins technology incubator of KB Kookmin Card

KB Kookmin Card, the largest credit card company in Korea announced that out of the 323 companies that applied for its “Future Nine Program” 180ab, the parent company of blockchain data exchange Airbloc was selected to use its data technologies and infrastructure to further improve KB Kookmin Card’s services.

The credit card company recently launched a program to discover, incubate and nurture promising companies with innovative technologies and business models. Throughout the incubation and joint-business phase, KB Kookmin Card and ab180 will explore opportunities related to behavioral data analysis to further improve KB Kookmin Card’s services.

The Airbloc team said:

“The blockchain data exchange technologies of Airbloc and ab180’s technologies are inseparable and co-exist together. In the coming months, Airbloc Protocol’s services will be integrated into ab180’s data services to provide enterprises with a full suite of solutions related to — data analytics, digital advertising, GDPR compliant data collection and monetization features, and data marketplaces.”

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