SingularityNET and Weeve partner to facilitate AI as a service in data marketplaces

Weeve, the decentralized platform to transform IoT data into tradeable digital assets today announced a new partnership with SingularityNET, a platform for a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) economy.

SingularityNET will provide the AI services required for autonomous economic agents, while Weeve will provide the attestation technology and infrastructure necessary for the development of truly decentralized and secure data marketplaces.

The intersection of the two projects’ strengths will allow for the development of AI services upon a secure and attested data layer.

The partnership was formed from a mutual appreciation for deep tech by Weeve co-founder and CTO, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek, and SingularityNET CTO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and the mutual necessity to deliver AI as a service (AIaaS).

Goals of the Partnership

Weeve’s technical architecture, as pictured in the diagram below, demonstrates the demand of AI in the innovative machine economy in transforming attested data into a digital asset.

The partnership plays up the individual strengths of both companies in a multi-layered approach:

The Weeve team said:

“The necessity for customized AI solutions sets the precedent for our partnership with SingularityNet, and the growth of a partner ecosystem at the intersection of complex data models and AI. We look forward to the continued collaboration between SingularityNET and Weeve to build secure data marketplaces and to assist in the continual development of artificial intelligence.”


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