SWIPE partners with Origin Protocol to strengthen its decentralized data marketplace

SWIPE, a network incentivizing users to share their data anonymously while providing data buyers with an auditable data product today formally introduced a partnership with Origin Protocol, a San Francisco-based blockchain company building a protocol for the creation of a decentralized sharing economy marketplace using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

On SWIPE’s data marketplace, all data transactions will be enforced strictly with smart contracts. Under Origin’s shared data layer, user and transaction data will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS, where the transaction history and reputation of SWIPE’s data buyers can be recorded and tracked.

SWIPE’s Decentralized Data Marketplace and Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol’s platform can be described as the ‘Wordpress’ that empowers developers and businesses to easily build and deploy decentralized marketplaces. By targeting to disrupt large corporations such as Uber, AirBnB and Craigslist that is part of the sharing economy, Origin creates and improves value for other market participants by enabling direct business, peer to peer with ease that transcends borders defined by corporations or governments.

Fairness and transparency in data trading need to be guaranteed by not being governed by a third-party intermediary as this opens up the potential for fraud, manipulation, abuse and privacy breaches. Origin Protocol provides a blockchain-based solution which enables the building of decentralized marketplaces that are able to remove the need of this middleman.

The SWIPE team expressed strong confidence in the Origin Protocol to deliver on their product that SWIPE can build on. Origin Protocol has already built an extensive network of partners and attracted the strategic support of prominent Silicon Valley investors like Alexis Ohanian, founder and former CEO of Reddit, Steve Jang, Uber’s early advisor, and Garry Tan, former Y Combinator partner and first investor in Coinbase and Instacart. Investment funds such as Foundation Capital, Pantera Capital, and Kenetic Capital are also invested.

SWIPE is a great example of a project that is trying to create a more fair and open marketplace for data buyers and users. We are very excited that SWIPE has decided to build on the Origin Platform and we look forward to collaborating with SWIPE and their team.”

Josh Fraser, Cofounder, Origin Protocol
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