The Ocean goes live with its anticipated decentralized Ethereum trading platform

Yesterday, The Ocean, the decentralized Ethereum and ERC20 token trading platform, opened to the public for live trading. At launch, The Ocean offers 11 token pairs available for trading.

The launch tokens on The Ocean include Ether, 0x, Maker, Dai, Basic Attention Token, Decentraland, Distrct0x, TrueUSD, Status, Request Network, and the native Ocean token.

All users’ identities must be submitted and validated to ensure a fair and efficient marketplace. Once approved, the user will be notified via email with a link to trade.

Features of The Ocean

The Ocean team said:

“The Ocean envisions a future where the flow of value is as seamless and fluid as water. Today, digital asset markets are sluggish, inefficient, and exclusionary. They mirror traditional finance in the worst ways, creating systems that rely on trust rather than trustlessness. This creates additional costs and risk for both individual and institutional traders.”

“We’re crafting the solutions to disrupt how digital assets are exchanged. We empower anyone, anywhere to cut out the middleman and reap the benefits of wallet-to-wallet trading–not just for cryptocurrency and utility tokens but also for tokenized securities and derivatives too. Everyone should have the financial freedom to invest, transfer money, and create value.”

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