Communications app Pryvate releasing PryvateCoin with built-in cryptocurrency services

Pryvate, the secure, triple-layer-encrypted communications application available for personal computer browsers, iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry devices has announced it is creating the Pryvate utility token, known as PryvateCoin (PVC).

With the token release, they are also embarking to develop a range of tools to serve the consumer crypto markets, including browser, wallets, secure cold storage, trading tool, and exchange with bot resistant AI for manual trading.

The Pryvate app and underlying tools are free-to-use with transaction fees from zero to a maximum of 2%. Besides PVC token airdrops, Pryvate is offering 40 PVC (currently USD $24) to users who download the Pryvate app and an additional 8 PVC (currently USD $4.80) per app referral.

All “Pryvate Pro” features will be available while the user maintains a balance of 20 PVC or more within their Pryvate wallets. Should their balance fall below 20 PVC, usage will be restricted to Pryvate Lite features only.

Users can store PVC on the secure “hot or cold” wallets within the app, trade, sell or buy more. Alternatively, since PVC is an ERC-20 token, users may store PVC on personal Ethereum wallet paper, hardware, or web-based wallets.

Pryvate has reserved 6% of their 50million PVC coin hard-cap for 300,000 PVC bounties to any to anyone who provides evidence that successfully hacked or compromised the security of the app.

Criptyque CEO, Jonathan Parker-Bray, explains:

“Our business has been in the cryptography space since its inception in 2013. We launched our peer-to-peer, triple-layered encrypted app in 2015, to allow anyone to have truly private communication free from the prying eyes and ears of corporations and foreign government-sponsored spy programs that can potentially steal and even sell commercially sensitive information. From a risk perspective, such challenges and barriers compound the overall crypto-asset price volatility. The risks also create a potential for mass-fraud if not addressed as many crypto enthusiasts rely on software wallets on their computers, mobile devices, or in the cloud.”

“Pryvate’s mission is to contribute to the mainstream global adoption of crypto-currencies and tokens by removing the most compelling fears, risks, costs, and other barriers associated with the eco-system at this stage of its evolution. A simple spyware infection has the potential to undermine the security of user devices and applications. Pryvate took the initiative to fix such vulnerabilities by further developing an evolved release of the Pryvate Now app to benefit the crypto-community and eco-system. Pryvate safeguards against these risks by providing complete protection against hackers, malware, and spyware from any native tool or DApp added to the Pryvate app vault, because, quite simply……nothing can pry into Pryvate.”

Criptyque Ltd, the makers of Pryvate, is registered and headquartered in Jersey, Chanel Islands and is exempt from regulations imposed by many countries. Such regulations would have inhibited, compromised, or invalidated Pryvate’s fundamental vision of providing privacy that is truly security-hardened against typical vulnerabilities including corporate and government espionage, malicious hacking or blackmail. Criptyque also has entities and points of presence in Cayman Islands, Singapore, UK and the EU.

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