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How the ‘Last Mile’ Problem is being Solved by Blockchain

How the ‘Last Mile’ Problem is being Solved by Blockchain

The evolution of blockchain businesses has been an interesting trajectory. Having started as a decentralized, fiat alternative, various projects now utilize blockchain technology to optimize their own business niche. One such business is PAKET Protocol.

PAKET is a decentralized delivery service hub from which anyone, from an individual person to a fleet of service trucks, can participate in delivering packages. Focused specifically on Last Mile services, that portion of the delivery that happens just prior to fulfillment, PAKET has tackled the most challenging as well as the most expensive aspect of delivery services.

The Problem: Inefficient Last Mile Delivery Services

This “Last Mile” of delivery has only become more complex as retail shopping has moved on to online platforms like Amazon, Instacart, and innumerable business websites. While this new standard has removed the warehouse to the retail establishment step of shipping, which is good, other challenges have emerged. Last Mile, for example, has essentially taken the place shoppers filling their trunks with goods and driving them home.

This is important because home means very different things for different people. Some residences are much more accessible than others. Additionally, online shopping has enabled the purchase of goods that weren’t previously available in certain neighborhoods, regions, or even countries, and created an expectation of global availability that some providers are struggling to meet.



Furthermore, the proliferation of small, local companies to fulfill Last Mile delivery needs has been problematic for the industry as a whole due to the lack of continuity in systems, communications, and methodology. Overall, there is tremendous inefficiency.

The Solution: PAKET Protocol

As a decentralized marketplace, complete with its own currency (BUL token) and security system (smart contracts and an indelible blockchain transaction record), PAKET solves the inefficiencies of current last mile delivery solutions in a unique way.

PAKET enables delivery providers to communicate better by giving them a standardized place to do so. Rather than investing in a worldwide vehicle fleet and expensive software to enable more comprehensive deliveries, a method that has not previously worked, PAKET allows existing delivery providers to utilize their system in order to fulfill orders.

The absence of an unwieldy and bureaucratic administrative support staff, which necessarily includes the high overhead of things like salaries, benefits, and a physical location with coffee and water coolers, simplifies communications throughout the workforce. It allows for a focus on what is important: swift and safe package delivery.

It gives different providers the opportunity to communicate with one another on more complex deliveries, regardless of the brand their transportation is labeled with. With opportunities to work together, companies have the chance to optimize their own schedules, with everyone focusing on deliveries that make the most sense within their capabilities.

PAKET also offers individual travelers the opportunity to make a nearly passive income. Whether you are traveling overseas, or simply to your place of employment, PAKET gives people the opportunity to make money carrying packages to places they are already going. It is like the ultimate rideshare opportunity for goods!

Another strong advantage to using PAKET is the comprehensive checks and balances system they have in place to ensure timely and safe delivery. Deliveries are incentivized within the BUL token system, with rewards or penalties accrued based on the quality of service.

Additionally, the permanent transaction record within PAKET’S blockchain provides secure accountability for each delivery. These transaction records can also be used for data analysis, to research and determine the better route and carrier efficiencies in a variety of areas across the world.

Finally, one of the most appealing aspects of PAKET is their natural support of a greener, more environmentally mindful delivery structure. Taking a package to a place one is already going is not only convenient for people, it is kind to the earth, reducing the burdens of fuel, wear and tear resources, per-mile road usage, and other aspects of travel that wreak ecological havoc on our earth.

With a lot of players in the $300 billion global delivery service industry, and all of them vying for a better way to deliver within their service area, PAKET has provided a way for innumerable businesses who simply want to provide their clients with excellent service in an efficient and honest way to do so.

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