Amadeus ERC20 token relayer launches API on the mainnet

Amadeus Relayer, a 0x protocol based ERC20 token relayer today announced that its API has gone live on the mainnet. Those interested in getting access to the API can request now from this form. For the initial period of the live launch, the Amadeus team is placing the importance of community feedback in order to learn and improve the API on future updates.

The Amadeus MVP app will be available on the mainnet. It can be used and tested by early customers. Any dApp looking for token liquidity or anyone interested in testing is invited to do so. The demo has been available for some time on the Kovan testnet.


Documentation of the API is also available.

The Amadeus team said:

“Our API being on the mainnet is just a first step of what we truly believe is the future of decentralized services. It is easy to imagine that dApps should see advantages in changing centralized components — like database or cloud computing — for decentralized ones. Or even a dApp under development that needs other decentralized services — such as payment channels — in order to actually become functional.”

“However, it is not as easy as it may seem to use other decentralized services: on the blockchain, you need different tokens for each service used, making it impractical for every company to hold and manage multiple assets. For that to become a reality, these companies need an easy and efficient way to get liquidity on demand for the tokens they need.”

“This is our vision: Amadeus working as an orchestrator, providing liquidity for numerous dApps, so that they are able to focus their efforts on their core business and furthermore, merge with other dApps, creating modular services that are fluid and frictionless. Being a Relayer on top of the 0x Protocol we are building the foundations of a Modular Trading Network that will allow for the tokenized future we believe in.”

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