New Emercoin micropayment system to be deployed by DeNet

Blockchain application platform Emercoin has announced that DeNet, a developer of cloud services for distributed storage of confidential information will be deploying RandPay, a new micro payments app developed by Emercoin.

DeNet solutions provide anonymity and revolutionary level of protection for commercial and personal information, reputation, and personal data.

At the end of 2017, Denet released an alpha version of a distributed static hosting, and this month – a pre-beta version. DeNet is the first company to deploy Emercoin’s the RandPay micropayments system. With the application, it will be possible to make an unlimited number of payments in a decentralized network.

RandPay makes transactions in the blockchain faster and cheaper compared to others. The system is easy to implement and offers a high level of security. The DeNet platform takes a lease of the unused computing power of users and companies around the world, giving them an opportunity to make a profit leasing the unused computer capacities.

The Emercoin team said:

“It is a mutually beneficial partnership as Emercoin has innovative technology and DeNet has services where such technology is needed. DeNet will be able to pay every user within the network for used capacities.”


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