CoinMirror and DLT Capital form a strategic partnership for ICO syndication

CoinMirror, a Berlin-based blockchain startup that offers a platform for average crypto investors who want to invest in quality ICO projects has announced a strategic partnership with DLT Capital. As Germany’s leading ICO consultancy and investor relations company, DLT Capital has helped to raise over 15 million euro toward successful crypto projects.

The common goal is the identification of regulated syndicate leads from high-quality institutions or projects, that are subject to strict due diligence and provide a good opportunity to connect with investors from DLT Capital’s network.

DLT Capital has been an early beta tester of CoinMirror’s decentralized platform from the start providing continuous feedback for upcoming updates and features. CoinMirror will be releasing their public Beta in the coming weeks.

The team plans to start not only with private syndicates, where only “family & friends” are invited, they also offer the option of creating public syndicates. These are open to anybody, after successfully going through a KYC process.

ICO syndicates have become an important part in the establishment of funds, especially for retail investors, that do not have access to exclusive deals or face high entrance tickets. DLT Capital has supported various ICO pools by connecting the most promising projects with syndicates. Their team believes, that ICO pools have a high demand for a reliable partner when it comes to evaluating high-quality projects and navigating the communication with the management.

The CoinMirror team said:

“CoinMirror and DLT Capital have been in talks from an early stage, exploring potential collaboration models and also utilizing each others network in Germany’s most relevant blockchain hubs. DLT Capital is happy to talking to its own ICO pool partner network and invite them to check out CoinMirror, as an alternative to their current provider. Early users will enjoy syndicate leads without fees and high-quality projects & protocols from Europe and Asia, sourced by DLT Capital.”

An easy-to-use syndicate investment marketplace, CoinMirror enables users to find experienced investors and automatically follow their investment strategy via smart contracts. Unlike existing competitors, CoinMirror offers the opportunity to create and back private as well as public syndicate pools. CoinMirror’s mission is to fulfill the promise of democratized investing through access and education to average investors.