(R)evolution in Culture and Technology: Electronic music festival Supynes goes crypto-friendly

Lithuanian electronic music festival Supynes this week announced a dedicated cryptocurrency panel and partnership with bitcoin and crypto payment provider CoinGate to let visitors purchase tickets with cryptocurrencies.

In modern realities, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is spreading far beyond the tech-savvy early adopters and has already reached some unexpected audiences. This year, one of the oldest and biggest electronic music festivals in Lithuania, Supynes, opens doors to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those who want to learn about blockchain technology. Attendees can now purchase tickets with Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies for one of the biggest summer events in Lithuania that will take place on July 26th-29th.

As mentioned, festival organizers are holding a panel dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the disruptive technology powering them. The panel will take place at Playground, a creative stage for audiovisual collaborations, open-air academy, and hands-on-deck.

Organizers say that the intersection between these movements is hard to miss. Electronic music, as an alternative to popular genres, created a rebellious art-movement, similarly how blockchain is disrupting traditional businesses at the moment.

Supynes organizers said: “Cryptocurrencies were created by the people, for the people. In this sense, electronic music has a lot in common with the essence of cryptocurrencies. This might be a long shot, but we believe that innovation and novelty are inherent for our festival-goers. This is the primary reason for us to become a medium to spread these ideas.”

Supynes partnered with CoinGate, a Lithuania-based cryptocurrency payment processor to get closer to all digital currency enthusiasts.

“It is a great chance for us to share our knowledge and educate newcomers about Blockchain. We believe that Supynes attendees are a great audience for this topic,” says CoinGate representative. “Being able to purchase tickets with Bitcoin, the general public will get a grip on how cryptocurrencies work in practice. We want to dispel the myths about crypto-related risks and show that it is a technology that has a purpose in everyday life.”

The CoinGate team, inspired by the idea, is taking an active part in developing the cryptocurrency panel at Supynes Playground, CoinGate CTO Rytis Bieliauskas will lead a discussion on the relationship between revolutions in technology and culture.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”CoinGate CEO Dmitrijus Borisenka” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Education is an essential element of our business because this is how we can make a difference in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Music festivals are great for spreading the message because here we can find a lot of young, open-minded people in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Most importantly, these are exactly the people who can relate to the ideas we want to share and understand the essence of this innovative technology.”[/perfectpullquote]