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What Trilliant ATMs Mean for the Future of Cryptocurrency

What Trilliant ATMs Mean for the Future of Cryptocurrency

We’re at the dawning of a new era. Trilliant’s revolutionary ATM terminals are to set the benchmark for future cryptocurrency transactions – bringing cryptocurrency out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

The introduction of Trilliant’s cryptocurrency ATM terminals to Europe later in the year marks the clearest indication yet that the cryptocurrency sector is set to rival the traditional national global currencies – with cryptocurrency investors the world over, waiting with marked enthusiasm on the upcoming public ICO on July 10th.

With more than 500 terminals set be installed across in the next 24 months, this marks the first time that cryptocurrency investors will be able to access their cryptocurrency assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple in much the same way that traditional banking operates. In addition, Trilliant also offers investors the opportunity to sell their assets and convert them to cash for withdrawals.

What’s clear to novice and seasoned investors alike is the Trilliant’s ATMs represent the clearest indication yet that, not only is the cryptocurrency sector on the cusp of springing for into mainstream public conscious, but Trilliant is leading the march.

Direct access to ICO’s can be achieved at every terminal. Depositing and withdrawing assets is as easy as it is with a traditional ATM – and with the ambition to install more than 500 terminals in the coming future it has never been more accessible for investors to access their cryptocurrency assets.

Each of Trilliant’s ATM terminals will feature a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface, card reader and PIN pad. They also feature a front-facing camera for optimal client verification and KYC (know your customer) identification. Not only that, the ATMs feature inbuilt security measures designed to add comprehensive security to protect investors assets.

The first stage of Trilliant’s introduction to the global landscape is set to commence in autumn, 2018. Upon the successful installation of their ATMs, it’s forecasted that the facilities will be installed at an accelerated pace across Europe, the USA and eventually globally.

In addition, as a customer-centric business, Trilliant is offering customers further incentive to use their terminals. Dubbed the ‘Fractional Ownership Program for Next Generation Cryptocurrency ATMs’, this affords seasoned and novice cryptocurrency investors the opportunity to have a stake the booming cryptocurrency sector by purchasing ownership units of their network of ATMs.

This generous and exciting incentive pays owners a dividend each month, based on the volume of transactions each ATM machine makes each month. With the prospect of a healthy return on any investment made, whilst enjoying the comfortable familiarity of the cryptocurrency terminal has excited many investors, the upcoming TRIL token sale set to be one of the most closely watched – and competitive in the cryptocurrency sector to date.

Each of Trilliants ATM terminals is divided into fractional ownership units, starting at $100 each. These units are sold in accordance with legally-binding contracts which can be purchased on the Trilliant website with TRIL tokens. The token pre-sale is organized on a first-come, first-serve basis which means that investors will have to be quick if they want to buy into a piece of history – and potentially one of the most notable developments in the cryptocurrency sector to date.

It seems clear that the cryptocurrency sector is about to emerge from the shadows and launch into the mainstream. The next few months and years are set to be very exciting for everyone who has supported this burgeoning sector.

Learn more about Trilliant on their website and reading their whitepaper.

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