Diaman Capital launches Exante crypto asset allocation software

Exante crypto, a new Malta-based professional software platform for crypto asset allocation is launching. Exante crypto has been developed by the Diaman PhiToken team, their ICO successfully concluded last February.

Now available in a free version, the Exante crypto platform allows investors to create their own portfolios, importing tokens from their wallets, and monitoring all wallets together in one place, instead of using many different apps, which can be difficult to control.

Exante crypto also allows users to compare and select the best crypto assets by sector, momentum, volume, capitalization, and other statistical indicators. Moreover, using the Diaman Ratio as an indicator, users can enter or exit with an amazing timing, improving returns in crypto-assets and controlling risk.

Daniele Bernardi, CEO of Diaman, underlines: “This is another great result for Diaman Capital and PHI Token, Exante crypto is the first professional crypto asset allocation software and we are very proud to have put all Diaman R&D know-how in this project, the software is now available with a free launch version”.

Exante crypto is the first step to the Phi innovative investment hybrid platform, the project for a marketplace where investors and service providers will be able to manage hybrid investments. Even if fully digital, Phi Platform will be supported by human professional wealth managers who will help investors to avoid typical behavioral and emotional mistakes. The Phi hybrid digital and human platform will reduce the costs for final investors, thanks to a fully digital engine, avoiding finance distribution and compliance costs.

More about the project can be found at: www.phitoken.io; www.ex-ante.it; www.diaman.eu.

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