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Oxygen rolls out CryptoRepo platform prototype

Oxygen, the first decentralized CryptoRepo platform, has unveiled its interactive prototype. The user-friendly model of the Oxygen platform displays how it is going to function, demonstrates user flows and the UI design.

In the funding book, users get a feel for the processes of lending or borrowing crypto assets by going through various scenarios. Users can filter orders by a range of parameters: loan or collateral assets and amount, maturity, payment rate and counterparty characteristics. Filters by the availability of additional functions such as partial matching, automatic settlement and automatic close-out also simplify the search process. One can also select available on-the-market orders.

In case the funding book doesn’t provide a suitable offer, a user can go through all of the steps for a new order creation: defining required parameters, choosing the loan and collateral assets, order confirmation, placing an order on chain and settlement.

In addition, the funding book interface allows users to view a live stream of all trades on the platform, while the “My transactions” interface shows all user’s ongoing and completed transactions, details on each transaction and allows to edit or cancel orders.

Oxygen Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alex Melikhov commented:

“We’ve made platform interfaces simple and intuitive for the user convenience and faster decision making. We are looking forward to receiving invaluable feedback from the users which we will take into account when developing the platform.”

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