F2Pool launches Aion Network mining pool

The Aion Network, a multi-tier blockchain system designed to address scalability, privacy, and interoperability today announced that F2Pool — the worlds largest pool of integrated cryptocurrencies has officially launched an Aion Network pool.

Since launching in 2013, F2Pool has managed hash rate leading pools for 11 major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, LTC, XZC, SIA, XMC, XMR, DCR, DASH).

F2Pool is the 2nd largest Ether and Litecoin pool and 6th largest Bitcoin pool.

For those interested in joining the pool, check out f2pool.com and mining address: stratum+tcp://aion.f2pool.com:6677

This marks an important milestone in the growth of the Aion Network mining community. Developing the network’s size and global accessibility is essential for the long-term security and adoption of the protocol.