Every Capital to offer retail crypto asset and ICO fund for Australians

Every Capital has announced plans to launch Australia’s first retail crypto hedge fund, with the aim of making cryptoassets accessible to every Australian investor. Every’s launch offering will be safe and simple. Australians will be able to sign up quickly and invest in a fund that covers a range of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

“We’re proud to be one of the first retail funds that makes cryptocurrency and blockchain technology available as a cutting-edge investment for every Australian,” said Director and Co-Founder Tom Surman. Many new users have difficulty getting started in cryptocurrency. There’s a high technical barrier when buying into these assets, securing them, and making the most of them as investments.

Every makes the process easy by allowing users to invest with Australian dollars. Every also handles security and complex investment aspects for its users, providing tools to track their investments and automatic year-end reporting, including tax reporting.

“All of us at Every Capital believe in the potential of blockchain, as a technology and as an investment opportunity. Cryptoassets are the future of money, and will bring change to almost every industry on earth,” said Head of Communications and Co-Founder Jack Baldwin.

Australian companies are already using blockchain technology to disrupt industries as broad as agriculture and renewable energy, and to rethink ideas like voting and democracy. Every is set up as a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS). The MIS (or just ‘the fund’) will invest in a diverse portfolio of cryptoassets and participate in select Initial Coin Offerings.

To do this, they have partnered with leading crypto fund manager Astronaut Capital and specialist alternative asset manager Global Merces.

“A lot of seasoned investors are looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios, and cryptocurrencies don’t really track with any existing asset classes, so they dovetail nicely and may offer potential upside,” said Surman. “Likewise, new investors get excited by the potential of the technology. They also feel left behind by traditional investments such as property and shares which don’t generate the returns they used to. Crypto presents opportunities for every Australian, and Every will make those opportunities more accessible.”