Blockchain payment platform Nuggets partners with e-marketplace Storiqa

Blockchain payment platform Nuggets partners with e-marketplace Storiqa

Nuggets, a blockchain e-commerce payments and ID platform today announced a new partnership with Storiqa, a blockchain startup that removes marketplace barriers for small and medium-sized retailers and builds trust with their buyers.

Both companies are using complementary blockchain technology to disrupt e-commerce. They make it easier for retailers to compete, and for consumers to enjoy simpler, more secure, more valuable online purchase experiences.

Storiqa, founded in August 2017, aims to help SME retailers and producers ‘set up shop’ in just an hour, with minimal financial borders and global transactional fees. It eliminates fake or spam reviews using a blockchain-based smart review process.

“We are delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with Storiqa. It’s a great business with the same mission as us – to make e-commerce work better for retailers and customers alike. Our technologies complement each other perfectly, and we look forward to working together.”

Nuggets CEO and founder, Alastair Johnson

Storiqa’s multi-currency wallet allows fast and safe transactions in both its own STQ tokens, other major cryptocurrencies, and in traditional currencies. Payments are dramatically accelerated (often from months to minutes), and transaction fees minimized. Its self-sustaining STQ token economy provides higher cash-back to buyers, while sellers get access to preferential platform features.

The Nuggets platform applies blockchain technology to enable people to make payments without having to share their personal data. That makes e-commerce simpler and more secure while eliminating the time-consuming task of entering a username, password and payment details.

Users also only have to update their details once – in Nuggets – rather than having to manually re-enter sensitive details into dozens of accounts. Then they can use biometric security on their devices to pay, login, or verify their identity.

Nuggets flags every successful transaction to merchants – without revealing the user’s information. Over time, this means the user develops a trust profile, proving their status as a good actor in the network, using reliable payment methods.

Right now, consumers routinely give away valuable information to companies. With Nuggets, they can choose to share elements of personal data, such as an email, in return for Nuggets Tokens, which they can use to buy products and services from participating merchants.

Storiqa is currently offering a 60-day free trial to attract sellers and increase product range and availability. After that trial, Storiqa offers the lowest fees for platform usage of any major online marketplace, for continued use. Small-scale producers interested in boosting sales and finding new markets are welcome.

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