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Vaultoro soft cap reached; 31% bonus available until May 10 soft cap reached; 31% bonus available until May 10

Following the success of the DIW pre-ICO at which the soft cap was reached, alongside a great amount of preparation from the DIW team and support from the blockchain community, DIW are excited to report that ICO is now live with a 31% bonus from the last ICO price until the 10th of May and you can join by visiting The token will be listed on Exchanges right after the ICO and the Prototype will also be available in this 2nd quarter of 2018. The team continues to aim for success by ensuring this project is available for the blockchain community all over the world, with our official website translated into 5 languages and the 3-page white paper available in 19 languages enabling global participation.

The Problem

Every day, we create and store 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. In the last two years alone, we have created 90 percent of the world’s data. This data along with various passwords to access private data are currently stored on centralized systems. These systems gather and store all data at a single center, with all individuals being dependent on this infrastructure. This dependency results in a single point of failure that is vulnerable to hacking or corruption.

The Solution

Blockchain technology is at the center of DIW’s secure data vault. Data is not stored in a centralized environment but rather spread along the entire blockchain network equally. No single authority or individual has any control over the data and there is no single point of entry for hackers to attack. We plan to introduce a whole blockchain-based community or network where data breach and manipulation will be a thing of the past. All DIW members will be able to safely store all kinds of sensitive information in their fully private. They will also be able to have immediate access to it as well as securely share their data in whole or partially with whomever they wish on the network.

Throughout DIW’s secure decentralized platform, the DIW token will be one of the currencies used to accept the transaction and make payments. Transaction fees within the DIW platform will be up to 70% less than other traditional mediums thus helping small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the much larger organizations like Visa or Paypal. Additionally, our paid escrow feature will increase trust between parties and safeguard all transactions between them. This will be done in a simple yet smart way. This will be the fastest, most secure and cost-efficient way to spend your cryptocurrency in your everyday life.

May 2018 why is this such an important month for DIW?

The answer is that we are now running a crowdsale which will make this project with all its hard work and support a reality. Strong support in funding will allow this technology to be rolled out to further stages that will include e-commerce sites and even to the health industry – ensuring all personal data is maintained and private, reducing human error.

To participate please go to and join the revolution of digital life. Receive a 31% bonus by participating at phase 1 of the ICO which ends on the 10th of May.

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