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Sentinel Protocol and Ginco partner for safer crypto wallets

Sentinel Protocol will closely work with Ginco to set the proper security policies and provide warning notifications.

Sentinel Protocol, the Singapore based blockchain security company, and Tokyo based cryptocurrency wallet company Ginco today announced their partnership to build a safer transfer, payment, and investment experience for Japanese crypto users. The partnership furthers Ginco’s vision of providing the most secure cryptocurrency experience to the Japanese users. Ginco launched their official iOS wallet application last week to change the mindset and behavior of Japanese crypto community.

“Most Japanese crypto users still keep the purchased cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges,” said Muuto Morikawa, CEO of Ginco. “Ginco will continue strengthening more security features to provide safety to the users and to become the major interface to the decentralized society.”

Sentinel Protocol’s decentralized Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) API integration into Ginco will begin testing in Q3 2018. Sentinel Protocol, a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform, utilizes contributions from users, cybersecurity experts, and AI to create the first line of defense against hacks, scams, and frauds. It supports the collection and sharing of critical threat information among network participants so that crypto assets can be protected all throughout.

“In addition to the existing partnerships with Korea’s crypto wallet CoinManager and China’s crypto wallet ImToken, we are glad to have Japan’s crypto wallet Ginco on our alliance. The more wallets and exchanges join our ecosystem, the security line of defense becomes denser, thus making malicious actors losing their footing. It is our utmost priority to provide our platform to a greater audience.”

HM Park, Co-founder of Uppsala Foundation, the team behind Sentinel Protocol

Thanks to this security intelligence database integration, Ginco wallet users can benefit from automated detection of malicious address in the database and prevent from being involved in unauthorized remittance of cryptocurrencies or fraudulent activities.

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