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RAcoin closes successful presale to set up payments in online and offline casinos

RAcoin closes successful presale to set up payments in online and offline casinos

RA Entertainment Inc. has just closed a successful presale. Within 2 days, over 450 BTC and about 14000 ETH was raised. The voracity with which the market gobbled up the presale goes to show that the mission of this platform is timely. The platform’s aim is to make blockchain a core technology in the gambling industry.

RA Entertainment Inc. is also on course to set up Palau World Casino and Hotel, an exclusive entertainment set up in the Pacific Ocean. Palau officially called the Republic of Palau, is a small nation of islands located about 500 miles east of the Philippines. The resort will have casino plane rentals, scuba diving, and yachting as part of the services offered to their guests.

According to the whitepaper, the necessary licenses have been secured to commence construction starting in 2019. The company is also working with multiple casinos and stakeholders in the gambling arena to deepen the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in gambling. There are talks that are ongoing with tens of hotels and casinos to include RAcoin (RAC) into their gambling systems.

A jackpot is also offered by the casino, payable in cryptocurrency with up to 100,000 RAC up for grabs. Some of the online games that will be made available to be played with RAcoin include sports betting, poker, slots, and more.

RAcoin powered by Ethereum smart contracts is a pure utility token that meets the ERC20 standard. Token holders can use RAcoin to pay for goods or services both in the hotel and the casino at Palau World as well as in other casinos and hotels that will partner with RA Entertainment Inc. and join the RAcoin eco-system. In addition, RAcoin can be used as an alternative form of payment on betting and gambling online platforms.

Some of RAcoin’s features:

  • Its ability to be used in both the online and offline gambling market.
  • Talks are underway to have the coin used as a defacto currency in Palau. More than 10 casinos and hotels will use the coin.
  • The token is ERC20 compliant.
  • Making withdrawals using RACoin attracts very low fees.
  • Users can participate in a jackpot that has been developed using smart contracts.

Now that the presale was successfully completed, the main token sale is scheduled to start on the 28th of April. A total of 5,000,000,000 RAC will be issued. Participants can take part in this sale using BTC and ETH. 1 ETH is equivalent to 100,000 RAC.


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