Parity chosen as official LEDU wallet for education ecosystem

Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) continues to work towards creating the largest project learning library for future technologies, decentralized on the blockchain. The next project milestone they are working on is the integration of an official LEDU wallet. The entire ecosystem will be powered by Education tokens (LEDU) and this requires a dedicated ERC20 wallet to be integrated into the LiveEdu platform.

The development team has chosen Parity as the ideal wallet for this purpose and integration into the platform will commence soon.

Parity was chosen because it is an open source ethereum wallet which can be synchronized quickly with blockchain.  Parity has already proven to be a user-friendly wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 enthusiasts, so integration into the LiveEdu platform – the first for the Education Ecosystem – will result in many happy users in the ecosystem. In addition, Parity also provides fast transaction processing, proof-of-authority consensus engines, privacy and control features, a variety of deployment solutions and the ability to augment features.

Wallet integration is essential for the Education Ecosystem as Education tokens will be used for all financial transactions in the ecosystem. Each user that signs up on the platform and purchases a subscription package will be provided with a unique LEDU wallet to store their tokens and use them for various activities on the platform.

Education Token (LEDU)

Education Token (LEDU) is an ERC20 token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to power the Education Ecosystem and is a key component of our plan to disrupt the $306 billion professional development industry using the blockchain. Education tokens are used as payment for all financial transactions in the internal ecosystem, as well as rewards for project creators, learners, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers.

Education tokens are also used for governance, giving users the power to vote on the future of the platform — not just what projects are being created, but the features that the development team implements and what new project topics to support. Education tokens will also be used in our external ecosystem to drive transactions with businesses, schools, libraries, colleges and online education companies.