Next steps for Worldcore adds IBAN plus major cryptocurrencies

Worldcore, an EU registered digital wallet and payment company, which last year held an ICO for WRC tokens to push the development of their blockchain based services informed today on the latest progress. First off, the team is currently working on membership with SWIFT and SEPA organizations that will allow dedicated IBANs for clients. Due to regulatory restrictions, this option will only be available for EUR wallets.

Soon rolling out will be new apps for iOS and Android, both are scheduled for release by the beginning of May. Further, the integration of 30+ payment methods for account top-up and withdrawal is due to go live by the end of April. The team said they are also now integrating Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and other top cryptocurrencies.

Back in February, the Worldcore team said they were close to finishing the initial development of their native cryptocurrency exchange but as of today, the application is still operating in beta.

Waiting for the integration of all complimentary services seems to be what is holding back the launch live. Although now, the Worldcore (WRC) token is sitting at lows around 0.04 cents as users await the fully operational exchange and wallet services.

The Worldcore update also discussed how they have been a victim of BlackPR attacks initiated by founders of Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, a world-famous investment fraud. The Worldcore team said “of course, both of these companies have no connection with Worldcore. The mission of these Ukrainian criminals is to turn the attention of audience and victims of their fraud to false target to avoid long-term sentence and lifetime prison for their crimes.

The proof of BlackPR against Worldcore was published on a website launched by Questra World/AGAM victims can be found below: (Google translate can be used to get the content translated from Russian to your native language.)

In case unfamiliar users saw this and became wary of the company due to the attacks, the Worldcore team responded:

“Worldcore acts in full compliance with international business law and regulatory requirements. Our legal team works hard to resolve this situation which harms our company’s business reputation. If someone of you from any country became a victim of Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, Five Winds Asset Management, we sincerely request you to contact us at to help us initiate an international multi-country investigation against founders of these totally fraudulent and illegal investment scams.”

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