DashBid launches utility token to complete the advertising value circle

The latest token offering to hit the scene is seeking to answer the question so many of us are facing today: who has my personal data and what are they doing with it? Last week, news broke of Facebook’s data breach in association with Cambridge Analytica, and how such information was used to manipulate political ads.

The story exposed the lack of protection of our most precious information online: our personal data. Only now, as a result of the emergence of blockchain technology is there the opportunity to solve this problem.

To that end, DashBid is launching a token offering to support a more transparent digital advertising ecosystem. PreVUE Blockchain, which quietly launched in January, is a technology designed to bring about a fair exchange between all participants in the advertising value circle: advertisers, publishers, and viewers.

Facebook’s debacle spotlights the lack of control we as audiences have over our personal data online. In our current system, our “virtual identities” are surrendered for free, and many times without our knowledge. This has left an incomplete equation as the most important participant in the advertising exchange: the ad viewer, who is left with nothing in exchange for their personal value.

With the launch of PreVUE Blockchain and this token offering, DashBid is seeking to achieve mutual benefit for the complete advertising value circle. SDA, the official token of the PreVUE platform, is available starting Friday, March 30th to non-U.S. persons only and is a safe environment for the buying and selling of digital media.

These tokens will be used by advertisers to buy advertising opportunities from publishers, viewers or a combination of both. Each publisher and viewer will set their value based on the information and data provided by their asset. For example, a viewer may share certain preferences or even offer to share unused processor power or storage among many other options. All of these actions make this viewer more attractive to the advertiser, presumably commanding a larger token share.

Upon consuming advertisements, viewers can receive SDA tokens as a reward. These tokens can be used for many purposes within the PreVUE ecosystem ranging from free ad blocking to promotional offers from advertisers.

Only by completing the value circle do all parties of the advertising transaction benefit. This is the value exchange missing from advertising today, and PreVUE Blockchain is providing the solution.