BlossomTV: Netflix style internet channel that lets you fund your choice of film & TV shows

The entertainment industry is vast and a reflection of the society we live in. If we can decide what shows make money, then we should be able to decide which shows get created. LiveTree, the world’s first blockchain based film & TV rights funding & distribution platform lets you, the viewer, do exactly this.

Karrine Steffans’ words meant something in the past when content made with a purpose was accredited widely, and mainstream entertainment was a term that did not exist. As the Internet took over, entertainment deflected from the course, and today we rely on distributors like Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to bring entertainment to us. This digitized form of entertainment is insufficient regarding the choices offered.

Netflix may have made it easier to access films, TV shows, stand up comedies or other content from the comfort of our homes but in the meantime, it has also limited the content we get to watch. Instead of distributing content equitably, what Netflix does is called content gatekeeping. Such content gatekeepers decide what content we must view and further recommend the kind of material we may be interested in. Whatever content earns Netflix the highest profits get recommended more often than necessary.

Fortunately, entertainment has a way of resetting itself: Rapid digitization and modernization have left the entertainment industry with a want for an immediate change. Content creators want to connect directly with fans, get to know about their choices, and fans want to watch, share the content they like. Contrarily, the regressive entertainment industry is more focused on highlighting content backed by big players and this leads to neglection of small-time or new filmmakers.

LiveTree ADEPT, a platform currently holding a token sale attempts to free us from the shackles of organized entertainment. There is so much more content that is simply waiting for users to find, appreciate, and live through but without a platform to become available. Content creators are simply waiting for the right opportunity to showcase their talent and get their content within the reach of users.

BlossomTV is ADEPT’s answer to Netflix, and it operates on a unique pre-pay-per-view model (PPVOD) where viewers are empowered to decide what shows get created by backing them. In simple words, you pre-pay for the content that you would like to watch. Presently BlossomTV operates on a PPVOD and PVOD (pay-per-view) model but as the platform gains popularity, other payment options such as SVOD (think Netflix), AVOD (think youtube) & TVOD (think Vimeo) will be integrated into the platform.

BlossomTV gives all power to the users which otherwise resides with the bigwigs of the industry and brings in a whole new level of interaction, something that did not exist before. By backing projects, not only do the viewers get to choose what films/TV shows are being created, and who stars in them, they also get a cut of the action and earn from the content they watch.

While giving users the power to provide a green light to content, LiveTree’s very own token Seed (SED) gamifies the whole experience. Whenever a user shares or scores a content, they are rewarded in Seed. In short, all revenue acquired from BlossomTV will be paid in the form of Seed, which creates demand and increases its value in return. All the projects funded through the platform are transacted in Seed, thus owning Seed directly makes you an owner of premium content that too of your choice.

With more than 14,000 suppliers from the industry and partners including Red Rock Entertainment, The British Film Institute, Film London and Screen Arts Institute, BlossomTV serves as a direct point of contact between creators and viewers. LiveTree is reimagining the entertainment industry like never before. This is your chance to own the content that you watch and instead of paying for it, you can also start earning from it right away.

LiveTree ADEPT Token Sale

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