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OnLive ICO: Marketplace for paid advice, live broadcasts, and computing power

Technology changes the world. Since the dawn of the ages, social and economic growth was always fueled by man’s desire for easier and better live. Humanity has made enormous progress from the earliest hunter and gatherers communities to the contemporary societies build on principals of knowledge and technology. From the time perspective, history shows that radical changes in human life often comes in great leaps.

The significant change in one area of human activity might entail abrupt series of events, leading to new ideas, inventions and innovations that in relatively short time will influence economy and human relations, changing the world forever. One of such events, changing the face of the world and most important in creating the foundation of the present, was the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution began in Great Britain around 1760.

This transformative process involved a qualitative change in manufacturing methods – evolution from hand production to machines. Development of new chemistry industry, new large scale iron production methods and the rise of the factory system led to profound changes in the economy and as a result, to deep changes in everyday live for all people.

In mid 18th century increased foreign trade created a greater demand for manufactured goods. British entrepreneurs achieved mass production replacing animal and water power with the might of great James Watt invention, the steam engine. This rotative, fast spinning engines allowed the creation of all machinery necessary for faster production, first in cotton business and later in other areas of human endeavor. Invention of coke allowed for increased production of iron and later the steel. This translated to new building methods which changed the landscape entirely. New materials gave way for larger bridges and taller buildings. Iron together with upgraded steam engine brought another revolutionary invention, the railroad. Railroads drastically improved the way people travel and transport goods, shortening the time needed to reach blooming markets in rapidly developing cities. There was a great leap in shipbuilding. New ironclads could navigate earths seas and great oceans no matter the weather. Industrial revolution period also pioneered first real human communication breakthrough with the invention of telegraph and later the telephone. All this together with increased demand for new skilled workforce changed dramatically the way people live. Great migration moved masses of people from rural areas to the hearths of new industrial cities. This created greater demand for everyday goods fueling machine of progress even more. Times of industrial revolution become first period of steady economic growth in human history, in result rising the standards of living, broadening horizons for new ideas and building foundation for inventions we use in our everyday live.

As in the times of first industrial breakthrough, we are entering today into a new revolution. Revolution build upon ubiquitous internet and the new invention in area of networks and applied mathematics. The Blockchain and systems using it are components in forefront of what is considered 4th industrial revolution.

One of such systems encompassing and incorporating new ideas and breakthrough technologies in most possible humane and democratic fashion is On.Live. The On.Live revolutionizes perception of internet video platform both for consumers and the content creators. It’s the first decentralized live video broadcast system build with blockchain technology. On.Live gives its users total freedom in a way they want to present their content and how they want to earn with it. Built with consultation and mass broadcasts in mind is astonishingly flexible at the same time. Any business no matter how big or how small can easily find its place on the platform. On.Live provides every necessary tool to create personalized live broadcast channels which can be accessed by single consumers or wider public at prices and times both sides mutually agreed on. What is remarkable and unprecedented in today’s video platform landscape, On.Live does not imply any restrictions on how the peers conclude their business. For example, there’s no limit of channel subscribers before it can become profitable. It’s great news for newcomers. They can earn right from the first broadcast they make. There is also no monthly account settlements time. All fees for transmissions are instantly transferred by use of internal payment method on platform, the ONL tokens. ONL tokens are based on proven and widely acclaimed Ethereum ERC20 standard, which insure rapid fund transfer and world class anonymity. In the near future ONL’s will be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies and regular money. On.Live is a community project. Everyone can invest in and everyone can use the platform. Recent pre crowdfund success shows enormous interest among public that share platform creators’ ideas and view for the future.

Like in Victorian times synergy of new ideas, breakthrough technologies, and approach to the needs of community creates new revolution. Revolution that aims to change internet video broadcast landscape for upcoming decades. The On.Live revolution!

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