Selfllery ICO: Lets users earn on their social media photos

Just imagine that no one thought that life would be divided into the real and the virtual about ten years ago. Few could see the opportunity to get acquainted, seek inspiration and earn outside the familiar environment. Nowadays the boundaries between reality and virtuality are pretty much erased, and modern people perceive social networks as part of their basic life.

Everyone can lead a comfortable life in social networks: upload only the best pictures, one’s wonderful life, happy moments and anything else. The issue of monetizing users’ work in famous social resources has been acute until recently, as they paid nothing for the published photos and videos.

This problem will go away into the Stone Age soon, as the bright SELFLLERY platform appeared on the horizon, where the likes and social activity are converted into cryptocurrency. The MVP version is already available in the Play Store.

On first glance, working with the platform is very similar to the well-known Instagram. Users can also upload their pictures and videos, do live streams, comment and like other users’ content. However, SELFLLERY converts received likes into YOU tokens, which can also be obtained for participating in advertising campaigns, photo contests, and photo quests. Photographers and anyone else can receive cryptocurrency for selling their own images into the photo bank.

YOU tokens can be used to purchase goods and services in the marketplace, donated to charity or transferred to the Ethereum wallets.

As for charity, this is the main emphasis of SELFLLERY. The platform offers each of its users to join in good deeds: to help children, animals, improve the quality of education and medicine, people affected by natural disasters. The donation can be from 5 to 100% of the received tokens. This module is voluntary, that is, only the user himself can decide whether he will help charitable organizations or not.

An important aspect is that due to blockchain developers have provided the platform with full transparency. All money transferred to charity will surely reach its goal due to the purity of the translations.

Contributors are now able to join the development of the SELFLLERY during the TGE, which begins today, March 5th.


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