Giftz exchanges ETH for ITC at January 13th peak value

Holding ETH because it may go up? Today’s ETH value is about $800 versus it’s high $1432.88 (coinmarketcap) — that’s about 40% or $600 less buying power today. Giftz honors peak price, so buyers get maximum value for their ETH today.
ETH Buying Challenge

On Jan 13, 2018, Ether hit its all-time high of $1432.88, today’s value is around $800. We’ve seen ETH tumble to half it’s value in one month. When using ETH to purchase alt coins/tokens (pegged to FIAT) buyers have to watch the exchange rates around the clock. This is a challenge for the average buyer as they do not have the time to work the markets. Giftz wants to make it easy.

Bonus Sale

Giftz has come up with a solution that will allow it’s buyers to get maximum value for their ETH today. Whether ETH goes up or down… Giftz will honor that peak value of $1432.88, (the highest ETH has ever been), giving the community maximum buying power.

“We want the buyers of itCoin® Black to get the best value possible during our TokenSale (, so we’ve decided to offer a bonus to our buyers in the form of a Peak ETH Price Freeze.” Founder, John Paukulis

When you buy Giftz Crypto-Rewards (itCoin Black) with ETH you will be getting the same value you would have gotten at ETH’s Peak Price of $1432.88 (which buys 2924 ITC vs 1600 at today’s value).

“Our entire business model is about giving, it makes sense that we give our buyers big bonuses. We hope that it shows our commitment to both ETH and ITC,” says Paukulis.

Bonus Leaderboard

Our Biggest Winners Yet. In addition to our sale, the top three buyers in a 12 Hour Buy Window (Starts 00:00 GMT each day) get additional itCoin® Black as follows:

#1) 15,000 ITC
#2) 7,000 ITC
#3) 3,000 ITC


Mr. John Paukulis, Founder Rewards Media, Inc. has managed motion picture marketing campaigns grossing over $1 Billion as an executive at Paramount Pictures. His online production credits include “Howard Stern’s: Private Parts,” “Mission Impossible,” “Star Trek: First Contact” & “Coneheads,” which earned him a 1st place Key Art Award. Since Paramount, Mr. Paukulis has founded & invested in several online companies in the marketing, market research and loyalty/rewards industries that have generated over $70 million in sales. Mr. Paukulis brings over 30 years of business development, branding, marketing, market research and enterprise systems development experience to his ventures.

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Giftz™ is disrupting the loyalty rewards industry with an affordable “Starbucks-Type” Customer Engagement Program (eWallet & Universal Rewards Cryptocurrency) available for any business. Customers earn at participating businesses and redeem as Visa Cash (mobile or plastic) at Point of Sale.

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