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Signals partners with SafeDX for processing big data on crypto-markets

Signals partners with Foxxconn's SafeDX
SafeDX specializes in providing big data IT services with top-level security, flexibility, and low operating costs.

Signals, a marketplace to discover, create, and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning and SafeDX, a joint venture of the global company Foxconn and the international investment group KKCG, offering high-quality data center services have announced a partnership to efficiently utilize, collect, and pre-process big data from various crypto-markets in real time.

The aim of the collaboration will enable the storage and processing of terabytes of data within the crypto trading market, as well as media analyses and blockchain monitoring. SafeDX is a powerful data center with related computational infrastructure based in Prague. Co-founded by Foxconn, SafeDX is part of the Foxconn group’s international network that offers data center services.

Vladislav Kral, Foxconn Technology CZ

Vladislav Kral, project director at Foxconn Technology CZ said:

“The computing power needed to perform heavy data analytics comes from our most recently deployed Rack Scale design infrastructure that we’ve put in place based on our strategic relationship and collaboration with Intel.”

SafeDX principally focuses on the Central and Eastern Europe region, but it is quite capable of supporting the activities of clients anywhere in Europe and Asia. Signals’ partnership with Foxconn, together with the cooperation with Intel, will create the infrastructural backbone necessary to provide Signals users with top-grade service in terms of big data storing, scaling and speed of processing.

Foxconn does not need any introduction in the crypto community. Besides being the largest manufacturer of electronic products and providing worldwide data center services, they offer out of the box hardware configurations for cryptocurrency mining. Also worth nothing, Foxconn has invested in blockchain technology and even its own subsidiary blockchain company called Chained Finance, a blockchain platform for supply chain finance.

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