Payment project RaiBlocks rebrands to Nano

Payment project Raiblocks rebrands to Nano

RaiBlocks, a transaction and low-latency payment platform officially announced its rebrand and transformation to ‘Nano.’ In December 2017, RaiBlocks experienced large growth in the community after getting its token listed on Cobinhood exchange.

The Core team said that it wanted a name that represented the simplicity and speed of the project, “and Nano does just that.”

The new logo uses several nodes, playing on the block-lattice design of the network, that connects to form an “N.” All social media accounts will be updated to reflect the name and logo changes. The new website can be reached at

All funds, wallets, and transactions will still operate as they have been. Addresses will continue to start with xrb_. In the very near future, the team will introduce nano_ addresses with the rest of the current addresses being consistent.

For a detailed explanation of the rebrand, see the team statement below:

“The decision to rebrand was not one we took lightly. Our team, like many in the community, have grown attached to RaiBlocks. The pro’s and con’s of a name change were discussed at length and only when the name Nano was suggested did we decide to move forward. Nano’s goals are ambitious, it aims to be a currency used throughout the world for day-to-day transactions. Creating a brand that is recognized alongside the major financial brands in the world requires a name this is easy to pronounce and sounds similar in whatever tongue spoken.”

“The simple truth is RaiBlocks does not fall into this category. It is a bit of a mouthful and can be open to different pronunciation by different people.”

“While the news of the rebrand was unfortunately discovered ahead of the time, the silver lining was the feedback from the community before the official release. The main objection was that Nano sounded generic. This was good to hear, as it’s exactly what the currency should be. The goal of the brand is to appeal to mainstream audiences.”

The Nano community is currently allowing Beta testing sign-ups for both the desktop wallet and iOS mobile wallet.

UPDATE 2/1: It was announced that OKEX will be listing NANO, with trading available on February 2nd at 3:00AM EST.

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