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RMBpay now supported on OpenLedger DEX for Alipay users

OpenLedger, the blockchain powered decentralized conglomerate announced they have connected RMBpay service, which provides the option for any user who holds yuan to deposit/withdrawal CNY currency. This service could be used by any user who is interested in depositing and trading on the OpenLedger and Bitshares DEX.

Additionally, all Alipay users can transfer their funds in CNY to the OpenLedger / Bitshares DEX and receive RMBPAY tokens using the RMBpay service. Furthermore, users can use an inverse procedure and withdraw RMBPAY tokens from the DEX and receive yuan on their Alipay account.

How does the RMBpay Service work?

Any user logged on to the Openledger/Bitshares DEX has an opportunity to deposit and withdraw CNY by using the deposit/withdraw page at then selecting RMBpay from the “Transfer services” drop-down menu. The user should then choose the necessary option (deposit/withdraw).

The OpenLedger ecosystem currently supports multiple digital tokens, including OBITS, BTSR, and ICOO. It also supports multiple startups that are hosted on the different ecosystems, benefitting from OpenLedger’s crowdfunding services, in the form of ICOs/ITOs. Amongst these startups are GetGame, Ocash, Sola, KARMA, Apptrade, Crypviser, and many others.


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