EXPREAD announces new decentralized solution for crypto-exchange market

A pet project of an anonymous guru Bitcoin owes its success to several very specific qualities. It is decentralized, immutable and trustless. What does it mean? Bitcoin is money that has no owner and can not be controlled by any one single entity or institution. It is mathematically impossible to steal from you, freeze your account or stop you from spending money without access to your wallet’s private key. Blockchain allows you to truly own your money like no previous financial instruments did. You can trust the algorithm without having to trust third-party guarantors and regulators, banks and governments.

Ironically though, most crypto-enthusiasts today willingly chose to relinquish control over (at least some of) their money into the hands of the intermediaries. Such intermediaries are centralized exchanges, the necessary evil which allows us to quickly and comfortably purchase and sell crypto-assets at the cost of our privacy and safety. When you put your money on an exchange you no longer own it. Instead, you entrust it to a third-party the same way you would have to trust a bank.

This is, of course, as history has shown, can be a recipe for disaster.

A new solution is launching called EXPREAD.

In a nutshell, it is a hybrid solution designed to combine the advantages of centralized exchanges (sophisticated functionality, high performance of trading engine) and decentralized exchanges (higher security, fully transparent and auditable operations, joint governance).

Centralised exchanges by design forfeit most security benefits cryptocurrencies offer. They are prone to be hacked, vulnerable to heists, inside jobs, and even plain malfunctions. Decentralised exchanges fueled by smart contracts proved to be ineffective and due to slow trading engines, lower liquidity and a limited set of trade instruments. They are so ineffective that most traders, in fact, choose to rather risk getting screwed by a centralized exchange.

“By introducing a new paradigm of operating cryptocurrency exchanges, EXPREAD platform aims to liberate the space while eliminating the high barriers to entry,” said Leo Liu, CEO, and co-founder of EXPREAD

Critiquing the current state of crypto-exchange ecosystem EXPREAD introduces the concept of synergy value in the liquidity aggregation. Numerous individual exchanges create isolated pockets of low liquidity unable to accommodate large volume traders. This inevitably leads to unsatisfied customers unable to execute the orders with the best price available in the market. EXPREAD will offer the community a unified trading engine with multiple exchanges built on top of it. Every such exchange will still be an individual centralized entity but they will all be interconnected in a seamless network sharing one order book, trading engine, and liquidity pool.

These shared resources will generate synergy value from the higher volume of offsetting orders, deeper market depth, effective price discovery and lower bid-ask spread for the end users. In addition to solving the liquidity problem, the shared liquidity pool will significantly reduce the barriers to entry in terms of initial capital required. If you ever wanted to build your own crypto-exchange, this is your chance.

EXPREAD exchanges do not need to accumulate a critical mass of buyers and sellers to be operational thus the exchange owners can concentrate and leverage their own network, community, and existing client base, where they have accumulated trust, to build their crypto-exchange practice. Building a healthy and engaged community is among the project’s primary goals.

“2018 promises to be an important year for our platform as the team puts forth a global agenda in order to ensure its fast and sustainable development through acquiring strong partnerships and further funding”, says the Expread CEO. “We are inviting the active crypto enthusiasts to join our telegram global community in order to gain more insight directly from the founders and technical team of the platform”.

To make the community a driving force behind the platform’s development, EXPREAD has an embedded internal governance mechanism to make sure the entire ecosystem is always moving in the right direction.

For detailed information on EXPREAD, see the company whitepaper.

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