Pinkcoin joins ConsenSys-led Blockchain for Social Impact – with ABN AMRO, etc

Pinkcoin joins ConsenSys-led Blockchain for Social Impact - with ABN AMRO, etc

Pinkcoin, a social impact cryptocurrency co-founded by professional poker player turned cryptocurrency philanthropist and entrepreneur Danny Johnson is the newest member of the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), an initiative of ConsenSys that incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“BSIC is leading the conversation about what blockchain can do to foster financial inclusion, diversity, supply chain, identity & vulnerable populations, energy & environment,” said Danny Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, Pinkcoin. “After working on our own for the past three and a half years as one of the first social impact blockchain projects, joining BSIC is a great affirmation. We look forward to fostering new solutions and learning from this impressive roster of talent.”

“Innovative thinkers like the Pinkcoin team are vital for activating the Social Impact potential of blockchain, and its ability to disrupt the way we fund impact,” said Ben Siegel, Blockchain for Social Impact Policy Manager.

Currently, the coalition consists of 30 organizations ranging from enterprise to social impact investor and a significant number of social entrepreneurs around the world in Geneva, Glasgow, London to New York, San Francisco and DC solving the world’s most challenging problems that affect the bottom of the pyramid populations in Nigeria, Syria, and Moldova

BSIC seeks to inspire, federate, and create bridges between NGO’s, and government agencies, foundations, impact investors, philanthropists, and technologist. It is currently pursuing opportunities in consulting, research & publications, hackathons, meetups, conferences, speaking opportunities.

For more information or to see how you or your organization can get involved, visit the official BSIC site.

Pinkcoin (PINK) is spearheading a new wave of social giving, one that leverages the disintermediated possibilities of blockchain technology to empower people to effect change, directly, without the inefficiencies of traditional networks. Since 2014, Pinkcoin has raised more than half a million for Donate4Life, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Houston SPCA and Black Girls Code.