QuikNode launches QWallet to view ETH wallet holdings

QuikNode, the provider of fast, reliable, fully-synced Ethereum nodes recently launched QWallet.io Search for searching Ethereum wallet address holdings. The site gives users another resource to view how many tokens are in a particular ETH account and their value. Like other explorers, simply by entering in an address and clicking Search, it will bring up the relevant info.

Token values and prices auto-update every minute, users also get a display of the full entire account value at the top of the page.

Every time a user searches, the app calls the QuikNode using RPC API for the tokens in an account. Then it cross-references the symbols and fetches price data. Lastly, the user is shown tiles with token names, quantities, and dollar values.

The QuikNode team said, “we saw an opportunity to create a tool that would benefit the growing Ethereum community with an excellent way to show developers how a QuikNode can be applied in a web app.”

At the heart of QuikNode’s QWallet, is an ETH mainnet node. Wallet data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which the node holds and maintains up-to-date, to the latest block.

QWallet provides a simple and elegant layout for viewing your token and total account values, for the diversified ETH investor.