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Swissborg: ICO for open blockchain-asset wealth advisor network
Swissborg is one of the first startups from Switzerland to focus on tailor-made investment services within the crypto market. The goal is for members to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings and contribute to the Swissborg community through its native utility token.

Swissborg: ICO for open blockchain-asset wealth advisor network

The SwissBorg project, which has been running its ICO campaign since December aims to revolutionize crypto wealth management services with a community-centric approach powered by blockchain technology. SwissBorg is a ‘wealth tech’ company offering Swiss-made crypto investment solutions to the world. Those who contribute during the ICO before January 1st are currently entitled to receive a 10% bonus reward on the amount purchased. Ending on January 10th, Swissborg’s token sale has been successful thus far, the startup has raised over 12 million Swiss francs (CHF) but with still some room to go before a hard cap of 50 million CHF.

What is the function of the CHSB (SwissBorg Network Token) multi-utility token on the platform?

In a nutshell, all CHSB token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of meritocracy”. The Swissborg community will be rewarded by voting on the most promising projects that bring true value to SwissBorg’s platform.

Swissborg will use smart contracts, part of the smart investment mandate that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Between digitalization and cryptography, SwissBorg will have additional customisation and accessibility compared to other similar projects in place.

The ecosystem is a meritocracy, which means that every single member is empowered to be a contributing member of the community. The Swissborg team says, “members will be rewarded for their contributions, so their hard work does not go to waste. The team behind SwissBorg feels that each individual is unique. That is why the project will offer tailor-made services to fit each person’s specific requirements. The project also uses a combination of AI optimisation, swarm intelligence, and automation to improve strategy and governance.”


Swissborg provides two basic examples of “proof of meritocracy” and the SwissBorg referendum.

Scenario 1: Beginning of Q2 2018, SwissBorg is announcing a referendum to determine what technical direction should the network follow to enhance the functionality of its investment platform:

Paul holds 100.000 CHSB tokens in his Ethereum wallet.

After the Block Number: 7.675.119, Paul will receive 100,000 RSB tokens.

During the referendum period Paul will cast his 100,000 RSB tokens to vote for A) and Paul will receive 1 Ether (100,000 * 0.00001) as a reward for his contribution.

Scenario 2: ABC token is a new project planned to be launched within the SwissBorg network. A referendum is announced to determine the level of support for the project:

At the end of the referendum Period, 65% of participants voted for A) and 35% were in favor of B).

The project ABC token project will receive 32,500 ETH for funding, 65% of the participants will receive 100% of the ABC tokens and 35% of referendum participants will receive 17,500 ETH as a reward.

Learn more how the Swissborg ecosystem organizes a referendum on the blockchain.

The Team Behind

The project is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and is a member of Swiss Finance Startup Association as well as many other organizations. Team members have active profiles and are engaged in the ICO process exchanging communications. See key team members:

Swissborg: ICO for open blockchain-asset wealth advisor network
A 4 year token distribution period is in place for team members and advisors of Swissborg.

Platform Overview

  • Each member will be able to have a tailor-made solution that fit his or her investment requirements in terms of risk, target returns, financing and other services.
  • Our investment team offers you 90+ years of professional experience from top investment firms. Our high-profile traders have extensively brainstormed with our blockchain experts to build the new future of investing. As we continue to grow and scale, we are pushing boundaries further by encouraging research in fields such as AI and Swarm Intelligence.
Features Geared For:

Swissborg aims to help DAOs to minimize their high burn rates while building a financially healthy and sustainable organization for the long run. As a result, Swissborg looks to be the ideal investment technology for DAOs to sit upon in order to maximize their chances of reaching their goals and bringing true value to society.

Wwealth managers will be provided a management platform.

Through the combination of self-learning algorithms, AI, and smart contracts, the Swissborg platform will enable new and highly customised crypto asset services to be created.

ICO Roadmap Levels

Should the team surpass its initial fundraising goals below during the token sale, the platform will further be amplified and scaled. The first goal has almost been met (12.5 million CHF as of now raised) with a couple weeks still yet to hit the second and third levels.

1) 15 000 000 CHF Wealth Manager

Swiss regulated financial advisor
Off-chain crypto fund
Token hedge fund
User dashboard

2) 25 000 000 CHF Cyborg Wealth Manager

Globally regulated financial advisor
Thematics token fund
Smart mandate
Payment solutions
ICO platform

3) 50 000 000 CHF Global Investment Manager

Globally regulated financial institution
Actively managed token fund
AI smart mandate
Asset tokenization
Crypto exchange platform

The team said in its presentation:

“Merging the best of the two worlds (Off/On Chain), companies could build a decentralized banking backbone built around community-centric values. Today, together with their community, financial companies can decide to fill the gap by building a decentralized banking backbone where everyone will benefit from best DAO standards with a meritocratic Cyberbanking system. The combination of our MAST (meritocracy, accessibility, Swiss made and trust) philosophy and CADO (customization, automation, decentralization, and optimisation) business practice seems the most efficient approach for delivering outstanding wealth management services.”

If soon interested to learn more information, it can be found in the video below and the Swissborg terms of token sale, pitch deck, technical whitepaper and official website.

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