Stable growth for Emercoin continues from year to year

On December 11, 2017, Emercoin, a blockchain service for business and personal use celebrated its 4th anniversary. While not the flashiest of coins out there, the Emercoin team has made solid progress in the years since its founding. This year was no different, 2017 saw the team meet all the goals set for the year including, making EmerSSL into an operational service, enhancing EmerDPO with SN Publisher, a separate utility for automatic record creation, provided EmerDNS with a whole range of browser plugins improving user experience, and set up a suite of lightweight and secure mobile wallets based on the Electrum protocol.

Merged mining with Bitcoin was mentioned as the highlight of 2017. The transition to merged mining has enriched the Emercoin ecosystem with Bitcoin pools, including F2Pool and others — all traceable in the blockchain. As a result, Emercoin’s blockchain complexity exceeded that of Bitcoin itself. It is one of the less obvious factors boosting the blockchain’s resilience, as higher complexity requires more resources to create a longer chain.

Emercoin was also included in the Red Hat corporate catalog of certified software programs.

Further Adoption

Regarding the stable year to year growth, this also means more adoption. This year, several independent projects and companies have utilized Emercoin’s blockchain technology. Most of them are startups, Ecocoin mentioned the following ones specifically:

EMC Performance

The Emercoin exchange rate has been growing steadily during the last three years:

Dec 11, 2014 — USD 0.01
Dec 11, 2015 — USD 0.05 +400%
Dec 11, 2016 — USD 0.19 +280%
Dec 11, 2017 — USD 1.02 +437%