Matbea shows which exchange or company owns a bitcoin address

A start-up from the UK is happy to present a unique project called This is the first free publicly available service which allows a user to find out what exchange or company owns a particular bitcoin address. Specialists of the company are ready to answer all any questions and help with using the service.

According to the service, they know the owners of more than 87,000,000 addresses. Famous companies, trading platforms, and bitcoin-exchanges are among them. There is (more than 28,810,000 addresses), (more than 3,000,000 addresses), AlphaBay Market (more than 2,460,000 addresses), (more than 630,000 addresses), (more than 53, 000 addresses) and many others in its database. The number of addresses is growing every day, and the database is expanding. is translated into several foreign languages and has an intuitive interface. Moreover using is free and registration takes no more than a minute. After the registration, you can see who owns a particular bitcoin address. This option isn’t available without registration.

Also on you can create your own bitcoin-wallet and generate a private key for it. It should be especially noted that all the private keys are stored by each user on their devices and there is no need for transferring them to the site. A distinctive option of this bitcoin-wallet is the ability to make a double waste of funds (double-spend). Sometimes it could be useful, for example when the transaction was an incomplete commission for quick confirmation of the transaction.

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