SharesPost hosting Finom ICO as one of first US legal securities token

SharesPost, a leading Silicon Valley-based liquidity provider to private growth companies, today announced it has been chosen by Finom AG, a leading blockchain, and cryptocurrency firm, to facilitate Finom’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Finom is authorizing the sale of security and utility tokens up to $101 million in its ICO. Each FIN Token will be the digital equivalent of four company shares of Finom Common Stock. The initial offering is expected to close on December 30, 2017. Proceeds will be used to build out the company’s platform.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Finom is a global cryptocurrency transaction and mining platform. The company reports more than 500,000 active users across four different cryptocurrency businesses: TabTrader (one of the most widely used mobile crypto-trading terminals), Nanopool (one of the world’s largest altcoin mining pools), Cryptonit (a cryptocurrency exchange) and (an application enabling the use of cryptocurrencies in commerce).

SharesPost Founder and CEO Greg Brogger stated, “SharesPost is very pleased to have been selected by Finom to facilitate its landmark Initial Coin Offering. We believe this innovative offering will have far-reaching implications for the innovation economy. This offering is another milestone in the democratization and globalization of the private capital market. We are excited to be part of it.”

Accredited US investors can find out more about the Finom offer by registering with SharesPost.

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