Crypto platform Lykke adds margin trading

Lykke Corp, a Swiss holding company building a global marketplace on the blockchain, has added the capability for margin trading to Lykke Vanuatu, an Authorized Dealer in Securities.

“Margin trading is an exciting development for us and especially for our community of traders,” said Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO of Lykke Corp.

Demetrios Zamboglou, licensed representative of Lykke Vanuatu said: “For us, it represents another stage of growth for the Lykke Exchange, another way that we can offer instruments comparable to the largest international financial exchanges. And our user community gains access to a powerful tool for trading at the same level as the professionals. Our spread is as attractive as any on the market, plus we offer wholesale spreads for small trading volumes. Also, by shorting bitcoins, traders can occupy a profitable position even when the price of the currency falls.”

Trading on margin enables investors to increase their market position using leverage. It is a common feature of foreign exchanges and the stock market, but it is a relatively new development in the world of cryptocurrencies. Lykke is not the first crypto platform to introduce margin trading, but the company’s reputation as a leader and innovator in financial technology provides a compelling competitive advantage. Lykke Vanuatu offers margin trading in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia, provided that local regulation does not prohibit such offering.

Margin trading is not for everyone, as it can come with significant risk.

Like with all forms of trading on the Lykke Exchange, margin trading is implemented directly in the free Lykke Wallet mobile app, with complete access via smartphone, instant deposit from a credit card or bank transfer, easy conversion to fiat currencies and zero-commission trades.

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