Blockchain asset wallet Jaxx on recent app improvements

Jaxx updates crypto wallet heading inton 2018

Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Jaxx, the bitcoin and blockchain asset wallet informed users today concerning recent updates which have been implemented by the Jaxx development team in the past couple of months.

Jaxx provides its wallet application across eight platforms, supporting dozens of blockchain projects.

The Jaxx team said it will continue to expand the wallet application to support the “best and brightest blockchain projects.”

Updates mentioned can be read in more detail below:

Infrastructure: Jaxx has increased and improved the infrastructure used to operate nodes on the variety of blockchains supported. This added capacity makes Jaxx faster and more reliable. The team says it will continue rolling out new infrastructure (servers and systems) this month to meet and exceed demand for Jaxx wallets.

Security Improvements and User Education: The company has implemented an optional pin code to more strongly protect user’s assets. This pin secures access in Jaxx to the screens that display the 12-word Masterseed “backup phrase” (BIP39). Jaxx never holds or control user’s assets; assets remain on their respective blockchains and the Masterseed is a powerful tool for controlling them. Adding pin functionality helps new users understand how to use their Masterseed to pair their wallets across devices.

Asset Swapping with Shapeshift: UI changes were made to make the swapping of tokens easier and more intuitive with crypto exchange ShapeShift. Control of gas prices and clearer confirmations have helped make exchanging assets inside Jaxx easier.

New President

Di Iorio also announced the promotion of Addison Cameron-Huff to President of Decentral Inc. the overarching company behind Jaxx. Mr. Cameron-Huff is a leading Canadian lawyer, award-winning technologist, and entrepreneur deeply experienced with blockchain technologies. Mr. Di Iorio said, “Addison’s knowledge of blockchain technologies and the global regulatory landscape surrounding decentralization is second to none. His legal, technical and entrepreneurial guidance was critical in creating the solid foundation of Decentral Inc. and my other blockchain ventures including Ethereum. I am pleased Addison Cameron-Huff has joined me on the Decentral Inc. executive team.”

Addison has a deep technology and development background that began long before he became a lawyer. Addison has won multiple hackathons including both TechCrunch Disrupt and PayPal X Innovate. Addison was the founding CTO of, the largest global law search engine powered by machine translation. As a legal entrepreneur, Addison built a technology law practice from 2013 to advise and support rapidly growing businesses in the internet and blockchain domains. He is also an Adjunct Professor of University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law GPLLM course.

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