Veem, the first payment platform to use blockchain launches API

Veem, the first global payments platform to use blockchain, today announced the launch of its API. This is the first API designed for the unique needs of businesses that send and receive international payments, a breakthrough that will be a big leap forward for the growing legions of businesses with global partners.

By leveraging multi-rail technology, including blockchain, Veem has built a platform that transfers money in the easiest and most secure way between 60 countries.

By opening up the API and adding the ability to send and receive payments globally, Veem is leveraging the creativity of the developer community to enable a wide range of integrated experiences.

The API is open to all industries including marketplaces, crowdfunding sites, accounting and hiring software, inventory tools, outsourcing solutions and any others that need a simple way to pay and get paid.

“Technology has changed the way businesses work, but paying and getting paid by vendors and suppliers continues to be a painful, slow process. We’re all accustomed to experiences where payment and commerce easily work together. Veem is bringing that integrated experience to businesses with our API. We’re opening up the Veem Platform to all applications, making it possible to execute payments between users across the world, something that hasn’t been done before.”

Marwan Forzley, founder and CEO at Veem.

Veem already integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, and Netsuite, simplifying the payment experience by auto-creating bill payments, eliminating duplicate entries, reducing manual bookkeeping and cutting down on errors.

“With modern businesses moving to greater and greater globalization, we recognized the increasing value that Veem plays in accounts payable and foreign currency transfers and exchange. We are excited to integrate Veem into our portal to provide a seamless bookkeeping, reporting, and bill pay solution that includes foreign currency exchange. Best of all, Veem embodies the same mission and goals as botkeeper, to drive and lower the cost of bookkeeping for entrepreneurs”

Louie Balasny, Accounting Technologist at botkeeper

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