Coindash partners​ ​with​ cryptocurrency exchange ​Gatecoin

Coindash, a dashboard application that lets investors manage, track, and analyze their blockchain asset-portfolio across multiple tokens, exchanges, and wallets, announced today that it is integrating the Gatecoin exchange into its service. The connection will allow Gatecoin users to view their account from the feature-rich Coindash platform.

In addition, Coindash’s token (CDT) has been listed on the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange.

CDT allows investors to support Coindash while simultaneously benefiting from the company’s long-term growth. Gatecoin will help make the CDT token available to a wider audience of potential investors. As blockchain matures as a technology, a large number of tokens and cryptocurrencies are emerging, offering investors and traders an increasing number of choices in forming an investment strategy.

At the same time, numerous platforms exist to enable investors to trade and exchange crypto. Coindash aims to provide one easy-to-view dashboard so users can monitor all of their investments in one single account.

Alon Muroch, CEO of Coindash said:

“We are thrilled to complete our integration with Gatecoin as well as having CDT traded on their prominent exchange. Gatecoin users will soon be able to integrate their account into Coindash and receive real-time information and insights from their Gatecoin trading account as well as different wallets they use.”

To get started, Gatecoin users can open a Coindash account and add their account details, which allows them to view all their assets and ERC20 supported wallets. Account details, trading history, and performance history are all viewable.

Aurélien Menant, Founder & CEO of Gatecoin commented:

“Gatecoin strives to provide users with an easy-to-use and dependable platform to trade bitcoin and ethereum tokens. By integrating with Coindash, we are offering our users the ability to monitor their crypto-token investments in a streamlined way. We are also excited to list the CoinDash token, CDT on Gatecoin giving our users access to more investment opportunities. The CDT token will be available through CDT/ETH, BTC/ETH trading pairs.”

The new alliance with Gatecoin continues Coindash’s efforts to provide its users with access to a wide variety of exchanges. By providing a simple, unified dashboard to manage these disparate services, Coindash is enabling its users to gain valuable “big-picture” insights into their crypto investments.

For more info on integration, listing, and functionality, Coindash is welcoming users to visit its official Telegram channel.