Virtual reality and blockchain – technologies of the future in the Russian project VRCoin

The Russian project VRCoin launches ICO with the aim of developing the international network of gaming parks using its own virtual reality technologies. The technological solution of the instant transfer of human movements VRCoin is a breakthrough in the industry of VR-games.

The originality of the development lies in the fact that the player is completely immersed in virtual reality. He can either see his own body and other players in the game space or interact with them. This effect is achieved by the sensors that are installed throughout the body.

These sensors were created with help of special Motion Capture cameras and active position markers system. Due to the compactness of the equipment, the participants are not limited in movements and can completely immerse into the game process without being distracted by external stimuli.

At the end of September, there is going to be the launch of the first VR-park in Moscow, that a group of four people can play simultaneously in. This location will be the first gaming VR park of a new generation, where all of the cells will be linked together by a single block-infrastructure. Blockchain will be used to monitor the ratings and achievements of players, as well as to organize and manage e-sports tournaments and the project ecosystem.

There are 13 key countries in the initial phase of the implementation plan: the UAE, China, USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Australia, South Korea.

Furthermore, the crowdsale will be launched, the involved funds will be used to develop new content and create its own streaming platform. In the future, VRCoin developers see the creation of their own e-sports league of VR games built on an international network and regulated by the Blockchain system.

According to the general director of VRCoin Konstantin Negachev’s words, ICO will be held in three stages. The pre-sale phase will begin on September 15 and will last 10 days. In late September – early October, the pre-ICO stage will be held, and in late October – ICO itself. Within the ICO, it is planned to release 100 million VRCoin tokens. 500 VRCoin will cost 1 ETH.

According to the calculations of the creators, each of the open VR-parks will be self-supporting in four months after the opening. In addition to the profit that VR-parks will bring, the profitability of the project will be formed from the paid services of the VRCenter service. This is going to be a monthly subscription, which will allow users to have access to the advanced functions of the service.

After December 2018, holders of tokens will be able to purchase game time, and the cost of the session that is paid in VRCoin tokens will give a discount of up to 50%.

VRCoin holders will have access to bonus missions early access to new game settings.

Additionally, the VRCoin token will give the opportunity to have a discount for those people who wish to purchase a franchise. Owners of tokens who have merged into groups can get the right to purchase a master franchise or to implement their representative in the company’s board of directors, but only if they have enough tokens available. And for business owners, it will be possible to pay for the creation of personal VR stimulants and training products using VR.

Talking about business owners, it will be possible for them to pay for the creation of personal VR simulators and training products using VR.

The project team:

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