Argon Group announces next ICO with first data driven crypto hedge fund

The Argon Group, a Los Angeles-based investment bank with a focus on cryptocurrency and token-based capital has announced the launch of Protos, a data driven crypto hedge fund. The Argon Group will be advising on the ICO with the pre-sale set to commence on September 25th.

Protos is unique in its approach. In addition to investing in new digital tokens, they are among the first funds building a robust database of digital token and cryptocurrency market data and using advanced technical trading strategies.

Once more data on the market exists, Protos anticipates they’ll see an explosion in trading strategies just as it did in stock trading.

Protos will be starting up this fund based on Ethereum smart contract tokens with the goal of benefiting holders through their crypto trading strategies. Protos purchases tokens as an investment. Thus, owners of Protos tokens will earn returns based on the profits that Protos gains.

An offering memorandum is forthcoming with more details as the public sale date of October 17th gets closer. The team is led by Matthew Shaw, Philipp Kallerhoff, and Thomas Kineshanko.

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