Blockchain asset ARK releases major desktop wallet update

ARK, the decentralized digital asset token based on advanced blockchain technology such as its SmartBridge, allowing it to communicate with other blockchains has announced extensive improvements to its desktop platform. One of the most important updates on the new release is that it now includes native Ledger hardware wallet support, this feature was first announced last month.
Being able to use Ledger adds another layer of physical security and eliminates the need to input an entire passphrase when sending funds or voting from within the wallet. The team is confirming that the Ledger desktop wallet integration is now complete on Ark’s end. It is currently awaiting the official software update from the Ledger team, now scheduled for September 1st.
Once Ledger releases the updated firmware to support ARK natively, ARK Desktop wallet version 1.3 and later will be able to recognize and communicate with the Ledger hardware wallet.

ARK Wallet Version 1.3 Changes

During the past two months, the ARK development team in coordination with the ARK community have pushed over 100 commits to the desktop wallet code alone. While obviously not every single change is listed, below is a look at the most noticeable upgrades:

The ARK team also gave a hint to the future and listed current top priorities as follows:

Some upcoming protocol upgrades include:

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