SuperNET renames its decentralized exchange technology to BarterDEX

SuperNET, the decentralized organization developing open source platforms and blockchain based infrastructure for cryptocurrencies announced recently they have renamed its forthcoming decentralized exchange technology BarterDEX (previously named EasyDEX) as it nears full functionality for launch.
The BarterDEX is currently SuperNET’s main priority, and the development is advancing as planned. SuperNET has reportedly made over 100 atomic swaps among over ten different people. On unix and os x, nodes can post and fill orders.
Recent tests showed BarterDEX connectivity issues between nodes as the primary problem, which required revamping the low-level networking and totally changing how the pubkey based communications are done.
The team decided to use the broadcast method, which is theoretically more bandwidth intensive, but due to the redundancy needed to ensure the time critical packets got to the destination, it was using the bandwidth anyway. And if the design is a broadcast method, it means that BarterDEX can add ‘point to point’ encryption for all the pubkey based communications.
BartexDEX enables people to trade coins without a counterparty risk. The fully featured service decentralizes order matching, trade clearing, and settlement. The order matching is done through the above noted low-level pubkey to pubkey messaging protocol and final settlement through an atomic cross chain protocol.
The team is currently creating and developing the GUI for BarterDEX with the service likely production ready by Fall 2017.
More information on BarterDEX can be found in its whitepaper.

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