Digital asset management platform ICONOMI updates fund inclusion and methodology rules

ICONOMI, a Digital Asset Management Platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies has updated its set of managing rules for ICNX, which is a passive index-based Digital Asset Array (DAA) which invests in tokens meeting certain eligibility criteria. The tokens currently included represent 70% of the total market capitalization of crypto.

The ICONOMI platform enables users to invest in and manage baskets of various digital assets or as a combined Digital Assets Array (DAA). The first DAA was ICNX.

The platform is currently in beta and gradually users have been invited for testing. Users who applied for the beta testing program were added first, followed by ICO participants based on the amount they contributed, and then everyone else.

Updated eligibility criteria for token inclusion:

Structure methodology:

The ICNX Index structure is based on a nominal value of a particular token’s market capitalization, where additional adjustments are made due to the high concentration of the top few tokens on the market. Index rebalancing is performed at the end of each month, or more frequently if ICONOMI deems it necessary.

*Log has to be taken in order to get a more fragmented structure of the index. The log is applied only for those currencies which would otherwise have too large a weight (i.e. Bitcoin and Ethereum having a combined weight of 70%).

The ICNX index inception date was 12/23/2016, price and structure are published and updated in real-time. ICNX has a 3% management fee, and a 0.10% entry and exit fee.

The token of ICONOMI (ICN) has risen this month to around $2.00 per USD up 2% in the last 24-hours and to 0.0007 BTC.

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