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Decentralized company management platform Aragon partners with 0x

Using 0x, Aragon will be able to provide an absolute decentralized economic concept for Aragon organizations.

Aragon, a platform for creating and managing effective decentralized organizations and companies today announced it’s partnering with 0x to allow Aragon organizations to accept and operate with any token.
0x is a protocol for decentralized exchange on Ethereum allowing users to exchange tokens without a central broker — ending the many inefficiencies of centralization by enabling transparent token exchanges between contracts.

We believe in a world of many tokens. Imagine that you have tokens in an Aragon organization in the Company Registry…With 0x, you’ll be able to transparently trade those tokens for any other token — including another Aragon organization’s token.

Luis Cuende, Project Lead at Aragon

Cuende continued:

“We made issuing tokens one of Aragon’s key features from the first release. With Aragon, organizations could start a private or public token sale and receive Ether in exchange for tokens — fundraising has never been easier for organizations.”
“However, there were some limitations to conducting token sales in Aragon. Organizations could only accept Ether and there was a limited set of parameters that could be customized in the sale. We realized that Aragon organizations needed more flexibility. For example, Aragon organizations should be able to accept the Dai Stablecoin, Golem Network Tokens, Digix Gold Token, or any other token in a token sale if desired.”


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